Free Zero Gravity Massage Chairs

We love to make you feel comfortable when you come and visit us. That’s why we have state-of-the-art, zero gravity, Kahuna massage chairs in our lobby. They’re free to use, especially if you arrive a bit early for an appointment; and they’re absolutely fantastic after receiving a facial or other treatment with us. Or, if you have someone who accompanies you to a treatment with us, they are also more than welcome to kick back and relax in these awesome chairs. They cradle you and recline all the way back and then massage you according to whatever settings you choose. There are so many features to these chairs that you must come in and find out for yourself. And, if you’re interested in purchasing them for yourself, we also have exclusive, special pricing from the manufacturer that we can pass on to you. Come on in during your next appointment and try it for yourself. You won’t want to leave.